Basic configuration

glass doors, roll-bar with 3-point safety belts, laminated glass windscreen, front and rear lights and direction indicators, side and central mirrors, glove compartment and rear cargo box, radio, USB charging slot, air conditioning

Street legal


Road category



the “big-one” of ITALCAR street legal vehicles,
Closed cabin and back cargo space makes it suitable for the new “zero impact” goods delivery requirements in line with “green” mobility policies (last mile deliveries, food deliveries, home deliveries …)
With the comfortable “winter kit” (glass doors) there will be no more seasonal limits

Available both in the L6e-BP and L7e-CP categories

N.B. the pictures shown on the website and in the technical data sheets are purely indicative and may show accessories not included in the standard version

download technical data sheet
  • 60 with AC system
  • AGM batteries
  • 155/65 R13 aluminum rims
  • LED lights with DRL function
  • hydraulic brakes on 4 wheels + handbrakes


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